. . . Moving into your first place? This is an exciting time, let us help prioritize your purchases, and select pieces that will reflect you and your lifestyle

. . . Getting married?  Blending your individuals styles is important, we can guide you to create a home that will suit both of you.

. . . Moving to a bigger place? Adding to your existing furniture and adapting your interior to fit your belongings (and vice versa) can be costly. A vision board and plan will help.

. . . Adding to your family? Getting ready for a new baby (or even a new room-mate) means finding space — and sometimes losing a room or a closet that you were using! We help you maximize storage, rethink the way you use your home, and decorate your baby’s room.

. . . Downsizing? Moving from a large home to a smaller space usually means editing your possessions. Identifying the pieces that will work best in your new residence, and making room for the cherished items you simply can’t part with sometimes needs a fresh perspective.

. . . Or just (re)decorating? There’s no end to what you can do with your home. Whether it’s a whole room or just the finishing touches, we can take the stress out of the decision process




Being invited to your home is the beginning of a journey that starts with listening and interpreting your vision.

Saffron and Olive want your home to be a reflection of you.

During the initial consultation we explore your goals, your style, color preferences, vision, budget and timeline.  This discussion lays the foundation for achieving the living space you want.

Inspiration boards are then created to help visualize your space.  These boards may include color, materials finishes, furnishings, lighting and space planning.


Our design philosophy features a refined use of colors, textures, shapes and accessories. We give preference to natural materials, which make an interior look and feel “alive”. We love to incorporate items of different time periods and cultures, to give an interior its own history.

Whether the scope of the job is a single window or an entire home, the results are tailored to fit your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

Our design process includes: Initial Consultation, Creative Design, Building the Team, Sourcing and Specification (furniture, fixtures and equipment), and Competition. The process is monitored to ensure the moment when you see your vision realized.

Involving you is important to us. Be a part of the team or sit back and watch the space transform. We love whatever kind of client you are!