Holiday Decorating Boring to Soaring!

If every year you dig out the same old plastic decorations and those munched up faux swag wreaths to create the same old ho-hum holiday displays…this blog is for you!




Saffron and Olive have three tips on how to freshen up your holiday home.

 Go outdoors!

…and then come back in carrying pine cones, twigs, and fresh pine tree branches/swags (go buy those, don’t cut them off trees in your neighbourhood!).  These three things alone can go a long way in decorating.

  • Place pine cones into a bowl, large vase or basket that you love. Place it on the coffee table or mantle.
  • Gather up the twigs into an organized bundle and tie a pretty ribbon around them.  If the group is flat enough on the bottom, it may stand on its own and if not, then find a clear vase to put them in.  These will look wonderful on either side of the fireplace or the base of your staircase (depending on how tall the twigs are).
  • Fresh pine tree swags are like magic when you add them into tired, old faux pine garlands or wreaths.  Just simply start cutting the right sizes and shove them into the arrangement until it looks fuller and smells amazing.  Magic!

 Get Fruity!

  • Cranberries are festive in color and are easily found at your local store.  Fill pretty vases or bowls with water and float cranberries on top.  You can even add floating votives for a gorgeous glow!  Voila…a holiday center piece or fireplace mantle décor.
  • Slice and dry a dozen oranges in the oven under a low heat.  Once fully dried place them into a small basket or bowl for a pretty potpourri.  Toss in some popcorn for a fun look!

Cookie exchange?  Who needs it?!

Try a holiday décor exchange instead!  Bring those items that you are oh-so tired of, but are still in great condition and swap ‘em with your gal pals.  How does the saying go?  Someone’s trash is another’s treasure!?  Something like that anyways!  Plus…it’s a great reason to get together for some holiday cheer.

Well…what are you waiting for?  Get decorating!